The Energy Industry

Industry competitors, Consumers Energy and DTE Energy, came together to support Pure Michigan Business Connect.

Consumers Energy

The energy sector in Michigan is growing by leaps and bounds and at the head of that growth is Consumers Energy. It's about connectivity, about people helping people, it's about relationships, and it's about making sure that our state is successful and that we continue to grow. Based on Consumers latest commitment of $500 million of Michigan based spend, it will equate to about 2500 new jobs that will be created as a direct result of them deciding to buy more Michigan based services.

Coming out of the economic downturn, industry competitors Consumers Energy and DTE Energy recognized that they had an influential part to play in the reinvention of the state of Michigan. In 2011, the two came together to support Pure Michigan Business Connect, a Governor Snyder led initiative that emphasized redirecting supply chain spending to positively impact the Michigan economy. Recognizing that it made good business sense to source locally, Consumers and DTE also realized that they had the ability to impact thousands of Michigan jobs and thus made a pledge by committing to a specific, annual, in-state sourcing amounts that could inspire other Michigan companies in their supply chain to adopt this “pay it forward” model. 

Jaspreet Singh from DTE Energy | Business Leaders Discuss Michigan

The original commitment to the State of Michigan was to spend $250,000,000 with Michigan-based suppliers. This commitment was a smashing success and the two parties easily eclipsed that amount. In 2011, 2013 and 2015, Consumers Energy and DTE Energy announced larger commitments to PMBC that have, and will continue to amount to billions of dollars of investment in Michigan suppliers in the coming years. PMBC has been able to leverage this same model with other Michigan, and non-Michigan purchasers looking to connect with qualified, capable supply chain assistance.