The Automotive Industry

Reconnecting Michigan’s automakers with their home supply chain.

Ford Supplier Summit

Pure Michigan Business Connect is one of four major initiatives at the MEDC. The idea behind it is to connect Michigan businesses to large, established companies that are looking to buy more goods and services. Not only is Ford participating in the Supplier Summit, but they also brought more than 30 of their tier-one suppliers to the table. It's a great way to grow jobs and companies, and the state simply plays a facilitating role.

PMBC offers matching making services in the automotive industry

Over the last three decades, to maintain global competitiveness, Michigan’s automakers had to build relationships with lower cost, non-union, out-of-state suppliers. This deeply impacted the vitality of Michigan’s automotive supply base, causing many local suppliers to downsize or go out of business. However, over time, this industry dynamic forced many Michigan suppliers to reinvent and retool key products, technologies and processes. Today, as the automotive industry has picked up globally again, Michigan automakers were again looking to connect with their home supply base, expanding existing supplier relationships and discovering new ones.

Since 2013, PMBC has worked with nearly 30 Fiat-Chrysler, Ford and General Motors buying teams and over 50 tier one partners to identify over 600 real-time supply chain needs, ranging from precision machining to advanced engineering services for things like weight reduction and vehicle connectivity.

Once PMBC has established a critical mass of procurement demand, PMBC releases an online application form listing hundreds of automaker and tier one needs. The form is deployed and in only weeks, we receive applications from 1,200+ companies, responding over 10,000 times to the needs listed with a proposed solution. PMBC then organizes what is America’s largest state-hosted automotive matchmaking summit where hundreds of buyers and suppliers connect in-person on the needs we’ve gathered upfront. From these events, millions in new contracts have been generated in less than four years. Additionally, these summits have been a resource for buying teams to meet Michigan’s highly-skilled and specialized base of minority-owned, woman-owned, tribal-owned and veteran-owned businesses.