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    • MI Automotive Focus, Issue 9 - Nov 2012Download: Michigan Regional Automotive Focus: The Automotive Communities Partnership

      Articles include one on the Automotive Communities Partnership (ACP), a 10-year old Michigan-based organization dedicated to assisting economic developers and public officials in understanding the dynamics of the automotive industry and help plan for the future, as well as helping communities in Michigan and throughout the Great Lakes region understand how the automotive industry is adapting to the challenges of global competition (pg. 1); CAR's forecast on U.S. Light Vehicle Sales (pg. 2); Alternative Powertrain Vehicles: Gradually Picking Up the Pace (pg. 3); News from CAR's Book of Deals (pg. 4); Michigan Vehicle Production (pg. 5); as well as information on a CAR Breakfast Briefing Series - Process for Assessing the Fuel Economy of Light-Duty Vehicles (pg.4).

    • MI Automotive Focus - Issue 10 (Dec 2012 / Jan 2013) Cover ImageDownload: Michigan Regional Automotive Focus: Quest for Fuel Economy Drives Greater Use of Aluminum in the Automotive Industry

      Issue 10 - December 2012/January 2013: This issue of Michigan Regional Automotive Focus presents articles about the use of more advanced materials, such as aluminum and magnesium, in their automotive designs (pg. 1 and 2); an article on advanced safety and connectivity technologies (pg. 3); the 2012 Automotive Investment Rankings by Plant (pg. 4); CAR's Forecast: U.S. Light Vehicle Sales (pg. 5); Freight/Logistics Initiatives Present Opportunities for Michigan (pg. 6); Eye on the Market: Unibody Vehicles Dominate U.S. Market (pg. 7); Acquisition of A123 Assets by Wanxiang Boosts Chinese Presence in Michigan (pg. 8); Michigan Vehicles Won Both 2013 North American Car and Truck of the Year Awards (pg. 8); Biofuels Production in Michigan (pg. 9); Automotive Parts Import Trends (pg. 10); Michigan Vehicle Production (11).

    • Michigan Regional Automotive Focus, Issue 11Download: Michigan Regional Automotive Focus: Detroit Three Profits and UAW Profit Sharing

      Issue 11 - February 2013: "Detroit Three Profits and UAW Profit Sharing" (cover story); "CAR's Forecast: U.S. Automotive Production" and "CAR's Book of Deals: A Look Southward" (both articles pg. 2); "Small Cars are Big in Today's Vehicle Market" (pg. 3);  "Tech Focus: Applications Using Big Data in Motor Vehicles" (pg. 4); "In Focus: Automotive Parts Exports" (pg. 5); "Michigan Vehicle Production" (pg. 6).

    • MI Regional Automotive Focus March 2013, Issue 12Download: Michigan Regional Automotive Focus: What Does One Automotive Assembly Plant Mean for Michigan's Economy?

      Issue 12 - March 2013: In addition to the cover story article, the following stories can be found: CAR's Forecast: U.S. & Michigan Automotive Employment (pg. 2); Eye on the Market: Transmission Trends (pg. 3); Tech Focus: Is the U.S. Market Ready for Diesels? (pg. 4); Diesel Vehicle Production and Market Share Forecast (pg. 5) and Did You Know? Dynamic Messaging-Signs of the Apocalypse (pg. 5); and, Michigan Vehicle Production (pg. 6).

    • MI Regional Automotive Focus - Issue 14, Apr 2013Download: Michigan Regional Automotive Focus: How Much Will it Cost to Build the Infrastructure Needed to Support Alternative Fuel Vehicles?

      Issue 14 - April 2013: This issue's articles include -- How Much Will it Cost to Build the Infrastructure Needed to Support Alternative Fuel Vehicles? (cover article); CAR's Forecast: U.S. Light Vehicle Sales and New Federal Fuel Rules to Require Cleaner-Burning Gasoline (articles on pg. 2); Eye on the Market: Alternative Powertrain Vehicles Face Competition from Conventional Counterparts and UAW Membership Edges Up Slightly in 2012 (articles on pg. 3); Supplier spotlight: DENSO in Michigan (article on pg. 4); Monthly Michigan Vehicle Production and News from CAR's Book of Deals (articles on pg. 5); and, Michigan Vehicle Production (article on pg. 6).

    • Benchmarking and Incentive Analysis, April 16, 2012Download: MEDC Benchmarking & Incentive Analysis - Angelou Economics (April 16, 2012)

      The analysis conducted as part of this study demonstrates that MEDC has been very successful in using incentives to attract new jobs to Michigan. In order to support the MEDC in conducting an analysis of its own competiveness with regard to incentive offerings, as well as several other factors of interest to relocating businesses, AngelouEconomics prepared a detailed benchmarking study, which provides comparative analysis along several key measures relative to 14 benchmark states.

    • Film Office Semi-Annual Project Report January 15, 2012Download: Semi-Annual Project Report January 15, 2012

      Film Office's Semi-Annual Project Report (January 15, 2012)

    • ICC Report Thumb NailDownload: Interdepartmental Collaboration Committee Annual Report, 2011

      The Interdepartmental Collaboration Committee (ICC) was formed in response to Governor Snyder’s Special Message of March 21, 2011, to harness collective intelligence across disparate disciplines for better, more balanced approaches.

    • FY14 Export ReportDownload: MEDC Export Program Annual Report

      FY 2013 / FY 2014 Annual Report of the MEDC's Export Program.