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Talent Bank Flaw Fixed Immediately. Easter Weekend Effort Minimized Problem

Tuesday, April 21, 1998

Jim Tobin
(517) 335-4590

The Michigan Jobs Commission released the following statement late Tuesday regarding the privacy of Social Security Numbers on the state's resume bank. "The problem with our resume system was fixed more than a week ago. On Friday, April 10, the flaw was discovered after only a handful of people were aware of it. Within 30 minutes, the system was brought down entirely to prevent vandalism. By Monday, April 13, the system was back up and the flaw had been fully corrected," said Jim Tobin, spokesman for the Michigan Jobs Commission. "To ensure that our system is secure, we are taking additional steps, including hiring a national Internet security firm to review our security protocols. Users of the resume system need to know that it has already been fixed and is secure. No damage to any resumes has been reported. Further, as we have always said, a user may choose any 9-digit UserID; a Social Security Number has never been required." Michigan's Talent Bank has proven to be exceptionally popular since its widespread release on February 2, 1998. As of April 20, the system had swelled to 144,779 resumes and employers had conducted over 61,000 searches for prospective employees. The system is free to all, and located at http://michworks.org.