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Talent Bank Celebrates First Anniversary

Tuesday, February 02, 1999

Susan Shafer
(517) 335-4590

Thousands Use Internet-Based System In Job SearchMichigan's Talent Bank, the state's Internet-based public employment system, celebrates its first anniversary today as a popular location with both job seekers and employers. Since its start-up a year ago, more than 370,000 resumes have been listed in the system and employers have conducted more than 300,000 searches for new employees, which has made Michigan's Talent Bank the largest Internet-based public resume system in the nation. "Since we began using the Talent Bank a year ago, we have made significant changes and improvements in the way that we provide services to both job seekers and employers," said Doug Rothwell, CEO and department director of the Michigan Jobs Commission. "Under the old system, only about four percent of the 105,672 unemployment insurance claimants were placed in jobs in 1996. We looked at that system and decided something needed to be done, and today the results are in, surveys of Talent Bank job seekers 90 days after they used the system found 37 percent had a job." The Michigan Jobs Commission and local Michigan Works! agencies throughout the state officially began using Michigan's Talent Bank last February, as a way to match workers with jobs. The Talent Bank lets job seekers enter their resumes into a database via the Internet. Employers can access that database to search for potential job candidates. Employers also list thousands of job openings that job seekers can view. "Every month since we started using the Talent Bank, the number of resumes and job openings have continued to grow," added Rothwell. "With around the clock access via the Internet, we have created a system that is more user-friendly and is able to reach more people than we could have ever hoped to under the old system. Our goal over the next year will be to continue to promote and maintain the Talent Bank, so that even more men and women can find work or employees, we little or no hassle." The Talent Bank is free to both job seekers and employers. Persons can enter their resumes at the Talent Bank's Internet site, http://www.michworks.org. Anyone who does not have a computer with Internet can call Michigan Works! at 1-800-285-WORKS to find the nearest location where assistance is available or call their local library to see if they have a computer with Internet access.