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Statement on House of Representatives passage of HB 4607 and HB 4608 by Steve Arwood, Chief Executive Officer of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation:

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kathy Fagan

While I appreciate the recognition to restore some of the originally proposed cuts to our economic development efforts and the Pure Michigan campaign, this proposal will still significantly harm our efforts to restore a healthy economy in Michigan.

Today we enjoy our state’s most healthy economic moment in 15 years. Today’s votes, if enacted, will mean a significant decline in our state’s economic development capabilities. They will also damage our state’s ability to revitalize our community centers, from our largest cities to our smallest of villages. Projects now in the planning process will be far less likely to receive state support.

Today’s actions open Michigan up to raids on our jobs and prosperity from competitors in 49 other states and any number of nations. We will do our best to stanch the impact of these votes. All should know we will now begin fighting competitors who are energized by this declaration to move Michigan to its most meager economic development capabilities in decades.

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