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Southeast Michigan Job Bonanza: 2,891 New Jobs Coming to Michigan

Tuesday, June 13, 2000

John Truscott
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Delphi Automotive Systems Builds in TroyGovernor John Engler announced today that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has finalized agreements with three southeast Michigan companies that plan to expand or build new facilities, creating 2,891 jobs.The Governor announced the following southeast Michigan companies received approval for a job creation tax credit at today's Michigan Economic Growth Authority board meeting:
  • Delphi Automotive Systems will construct two new facilities at its Troy headquarters campus by consolidating two of its divisional headquarters, creating a total of 1,646 direct and indirect jobs;
  • LDM Technologies, Inc. will construct a new facility in Romulus, creating 520 direct and indirect jobs; and
  • Altair Engineering, Inc. will construct a new facility in Troy, creating 725 direct and indirect jobs.Delphi Automotive Systems has accepted a proposal that will create 1,646 new jobs,including up to 600 created directly by the company. About 1,046 indirect jobs will be created due to increased purchases from Michigan suppliers and spending by people who receive income from the jobs at Delphi, according to a University of Michigan economic analysis. Delphi MEGA Announcement Page 2"Delphi’s decision to construct new facilities in Troy is a spectacular growth opportunity for Michigan," Engler said. "Keeping the jobs in Michigan proves the company’s commitment to our state."The project involves the construction of two new facilities in Troy as a result of consolidating two divisional headquarters sites. The new office facilities will total 240,000 square feet, with investment in the building and equipment totaling about $51.8 million. "Troy is pleased to join with the State in announcing the construction of Delphi’s world headquarters in Troy with two new buildings resulting in an additional 1,600 jobs in our community," said John Szerlag, Troy city manager. Engler also announced the approval of a tax credit to Delphi Automotive Systems worth an estimated $24 million for up to 15 years, approved by the Michigan Economic Growth Authority. The Delphi project will provide about $106.2 million in revenue to the state over the lifetime of the agreement, resulting in a net positive gain to the state of more than $82 million after the MEGA credit. The project is expected to generate more than $1.328 billion in personal income."Oakland County leads the State of Michigan in high-tech job creation. Delphi’s new facilities in Troy are visible evidence that we do not intend to surrender our leadership role in job creation for the high-tech industry," said L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County executive.Delphi Automotive Systems is a leader in transportation and mobile electronics components and systems technology. The company operates over 200 facilities in 38 countries. Delphi MEGA AnnouncementPage 3"We wish to thank the State of Michigan for granting tax credits to Delphi," said J.T. Battenberg III, Delphi chairman, CEO and president. "The credits enabled Delphi to develop a viable business case which involved the creation of new jobs in Michigan."The Governor also announced the approval of a MEGA tax credit to General Motors to construct a new facility in Lansing, retaining 28,561 jobs in Michigan. MEGA, which is administered by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, is used to promote high quality economic growth and job creation and retention in Michigan that would not occur without this program. br>
  • Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC

    MEGA Analysis

    Summary Estimated

    (All estimates in 2000 dollars)


    Direct: 600

    Indirect: 1,046


    Revenue Forgone: $ 24,092,000

    Revenue Gain: $ 106,253,000

    Average Wage: $ 1,250/week

    Personal Income Generated Over

    Life of MEGA Agreement: $ 1,328,163,000