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Second IT Summit Draws Top Notch Session Leaders

Friday, March 03, 2000

Kathleen McMahon
(517) 335-4590

One-on-One Discussions with Some of the Brightest IT MindsSome of the IT world’s best and the brightest will lead discussions at the state’s second Information Technology Summit on Wednesday, April 12, 2000, at the Dearborn Hyatt Regency, sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Microsoft Corporation. Over 900 representatives from Michigan IT companies are expected to attend the event featuring keynote presentations from Peter Boit, vice president, e-Business Solutions Group, Microsoft Corporation; Flint Brenton, vice president of e-Commerce, Compaq; John Davies, vice president of architecture business group and director of e-business marketing, Intel Corporation; Mark Hogan, vice president of e-GM; Brian Kelley, president of ConsumerConnect, Ford Motor Company; John Cross, executive vice president, Strategy Consulting, AppNet; Amir Hartman, managing director, Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco Systems; and Thomas Hawk, general manager of business innovation services, IBM. The summit will offer breakout sessions for one-on-one interaction with key IT leaders in their areas of expertise. Discussion topics include:

  • Security, Privacy and Hackers: This panel, lead by Frank Migliore of the Internet Ramp, a OneMain.com company, will explore hackers, crackers and data kidnappers who have recently put the Internet under siege. The conversation will offer tips on how to protect websites from attacks.
  • Recruitment, Retention and Virtual Training: Donnee Ramelli, president of General Motors University, will lead this conversation focused on recruitment, retention and virtual training of Michigan's information technology workforce. Panel members also will share strategies and programs that are helping transform the state's workforce.
  • Auto e-Commerce: Bruce Belzowski, senior research associate for the Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation, will guide this conversation on how Michigan's thousands of automotive suppliers are transforming the way they do business by using the power of the web. This panel will provide insight into why the web is becoming the most radical change the auto industry has undergone since the assembly line.
  • The Michigan Image: Does media make a difference in the success of a state or regional economy? This panel, lead by Larry Eiler, founder and president of Eiler Communications, will feature two of the nation's leading technology writers joining two Michigan journalists in a discussion on how media coverage is making an impact on the information technology industry.
  • Economic Development: Recent reports show that investment in technology grew 22 percent and accounted for 40 percent of all business investment nationwide. The state's top economic development leaders, led by Doug Rothwell, president and CEO of Michigan Economic Development Corporation, will provide their insight into how they are using information technology as a strategy for growth in their communities.
  • Web Selling: This panel, directed by Raymond Gay, business development manager at Microsoft Corporation, will discuss the e-tailing revolution. Panelist will share how their traditional Michigan companies are using the web as a strategy for sales enhancement.
  • Web Development: Hot sites sell. This panel of the state's top web experts, including discussion leader Rich Wiggins, senior technologist, Michigan State University, will help shed light on what it takes to develop award-winning, money-making sites.
  • Young Entrepreneurs: Age is not a factor. In fact, some of the best ideas come from our youngest entrepreneurs. This panel has been selected to represent Michigan's best, brightest and youngest business people who are using the new technology to start and run businesses.
  • Venture Capital: This panel, spearheaded by Mary Campbell, general partner of EDF Ventures, will look at ways to obtain funding. Michigan company leaders will also share their successful strategies for getting venture capital. For more information about the event, contact the Michigan Economic Development Corporation at 517-373-9808. Cost for the event is $75 for early registration and $100 for late registration after March 27.