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Michigan to Advertise in Ontario, Engler Says

Monday, December 28, 1998

Jim Tobin
(517) 335-4590

Welcomes "Friendly Rivalry" with HarrisGovernor John Engler today announced that Michigan would launch a business attraction advertising campaign in Toronto in June of 1999. Engler noted the new ads featuring Toronto Premier Mike Harris that will air in Michigan and other states. "For years, Michigan and Ontario have competed with one another in a way that really benefits both," Engler said. "Both of our economies have grown quickly and both are thriving. Now that Premier Harris is actively touting Ontario's benefits, we're certainly going to make our case directly to the people of Canada." Engler noted that Michigan has been rated the number one business location in the United States by two separate magazines in 1998. More than 1,200 major new plants and expansions were announced in Michigan last year, setting an all-time record for any state in the last 30 years. "Michigan is the center of the auto industry, as most people know, but we're also home to information technology, machine tool, office furniture, electronics and so many other industries that people don't know as much about. A U.S. location make sense; it's a great way to generate U.S. dollars, and Michigan is the best place to do that," Engler said. The advertising campaign will begin in June in Toronto and the surrounding media market. It will be a concentrated and intensive campaign featuring television, newspaper, magazine, radio and possibly Internet-based advertising. Engler also unveiled a list of Ontario-based companies that have announced new Michigan locations in the last year. Among them are: Jaguar Lighting, Promet Inc., Total Distribution Systems, Matthew Scott Marketing, Automotive Video, Eagle Star Management, Minacs Group, Algoma Steel, Magna International, Advance Technologies, Sling-Choker Manufacturing and Mackie Automotive. "This is only a partial list," Engler said. "I've been working hard for years to attract more companies to Michigan and we're now the nation's best, so I appreciate what Mr. Harris is trying to do. But we're going to be in Ontario ourselves, and the list of Ontario companies choosing to expand in Michigan should grow appreciably in 1999. I enjoy the competition."