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Michigan's Talent Bank Is Tops In Its Field

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

John Truscott
(517) 335-6397

Governor John Engler announced today that Michigan's Talent Bank--the state's new employment computer service system--now has 250,000 resumes listed. It is the largest Internet-based public resume system in the nation. "To reach the 250,000 mark after only a few months in operation is quite an achievement," Governor Engler said. "It demonstrates that Michigan residents are enthusiastic about using this new system to find jobs." The Michigan Jobs Commission and local Michigan Works! agencies throughout the state officially began using Michigan's Talent Bank and Job Bank -- in February -- two Internet sites as a way to match workers with jobs. The Talent Bank lets job seekers enter their resumes into a database via the Internet. Employers can access that database to search for potential job candidates. The Job Bank is a database of job openings posted by employers that job seekers can access. "We're adding approximately 1,000 resumes each day to the Talent Bank. This means that new opportunities for successful employer-employee job matches are constantly being created," said Doug Rothwell, CEO and department director of the Michigan Jobs Commission. A recent survey sent to clients of the Talent Bank and Job Bank indicated that approximately 40 percent of job seekers who registered with the Talent Bank found employment. Under the old system, less than 9 percent of all job seekers found employment. Forty-four percent of job seekers who were Unemployment Insurance (UI) claimants and who registered with the Talent Bank found employment. Under the previous system, less than 5 percent of UI claimants found work. The survey also showed that overall, 87 percent of employers said they would use the Talent Bank and Job Bank again. To date, employers have used the new system to conduct more than 180,000 employee searches, and have posted approximately 35,000 job openings. "This kind of feedback tells us that both people looking for work and employers looking for workers are comfortable using the Talent Bank and Job Bank and like the services they provide. While these results are gratifying, we will continue to fine-tune the system to further improve its capabilities," Rothwell said. The Talent Bank and the Job Bank are free to job seekers and employers. They are located at http://www.michworks.org. Employers are verified within 72 hours before being given full access to resumes. People needing assistance finding work can call their local Michigan Works! Service Center at (800) 285-WORKS.