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Michigan: National Leader in Utility Deregulation

Thursday, February 12, 1998

Jim Tobin
(517) 335-4590

The Michigan Jobs Commission today praised the Public Service Commission's (PSC) final order which will allow the utility deregulation process to begin in April 1998. "This is great news for Michigan residents and businesses," said Doug Rothwell, CEO and department director of the Michigan Jobs Commission. "We have been working on bringing utility deregulation to Michigan for almost two years. Yesterday's PSC order means that Michigan will be a national leader; few other states are able to offer their residents a choice when it comes to power suppliers."Under this final order issued by the PSC, 2.5% of Consumers Energy and Detroit Edison customers will be able to select an electricity supplier of their choice as early as March 31, 1998. The deregulation will continue with another 2.5% of customers being able to choose in June 1998 and each year thereafter, with all customers able to choose an alternative power supplier in 2002."By allowing competition into the system, Michigan residents and companies will be able to see a difference in their monthly electric bills," continued Rothwell. "By introducing utility deregulation, the Engler administration has found yet another way to save money for the taxpayers of Michigan."