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Michigan Jobs Commission Sends Emergency Funds to Begin Helping Dislocated Workers at Thorn Apple Valley in Detroit

Thursday, July 02, 1998

Jim Tobin
(517) 335-4590

The Michigan Jobs Commission announced today that it would be sending $25,000 in emergency resources to the City of Detroit Employment and Training Department to help the more than 1,300 dislocated employees affected by the closure of Thorn Apple Valley pork processing plant in Detroit. "We hope by allocating this emergency funding that we can get the ball rolling on several programs designed to help dislocated workers in situations like this," said Doug Rothwell, CEO and department director of the Michigan Jobs Commission. "By kick-starting these programs we hope that the 1,300 men and women affected by this layoff will have an easier time finding new employment in the Detroit area." The additional services that will be provided to the workers at Thorn Apple Valley will include: development of individual readjustment plans for participants, outreach and intake, early readjustment assistance, job or career counseling, testing, orientation, assessment, determination of occupational skills, provision of future world-of-work and occupational information, job placement assistance, labor market information, job clubs, job search, job development, pre-layoff assistance, relocation assistance and progress conducted in cooperation with employers of labor organizations to provide early intervention in the event of closures of plants or facilities. The Michigan Jobs Commission has the authority, in instances of major layoffs, to provide additional resources to the local Michigan Works! agency. The funding is available immediately to begin helping the dislocated Thorn Apple Valley employees.