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Michigan Jobs Commission Reports State's Unemployment Edges Up Slightly

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

Jim Tobin
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Industry Jobs Continue to Grow Industry job growth in Michigan increased by 2 percent since May 1997, with above average growth in the service, construction and wholesale trade industries. For the month, seasonally adjusted industry employment increased by 14,000, to total 4,540,000 jobs. The majority of the monthly gain was in the service industry, with an additional 12,000 jobs recorded. " Michigan's diverse service sector produced new jobs in May in computer services and health services, as well as seasonal gains in hotels, recreation, and agricultural services," Rothwell said. Smaller employment additions were in retail trade (+5,000) and transportation/ communication/utilities (+3,000). Job losses occurred in manufacturing (-5,000) and construction (-3,000). The manufacturing decline was due to reductions in the auto sector, while construction job growth was unusually high earlier in the season, resulting in a lower than normal increase in May. Production Hours and Earnings Up from April Seasonally adjusted hours and earnings of production workers in manufacturing rebounded in May. Hours were up by about an hour in both manufacturing and, specifically, in the auto industry. Earnings were up in manufacturing, even though there was a slight decline in auto earnings. Hours worked were below year-ago levels in both.

Labor Force Estimates
Seasonally Adjusted
(Data in thousands)
Civilian labor force5,0375,0344,988+ 3+ 49
Employment4,8504,8574,779- 7+ 71
Unemployment188177209+ 11- 21
* Preliminary data for May
** Final estimates for April
Wage & Salary Employment
Seasonally Adjusted
(in thousands)
Wage & Salary Employment4,5404,5264,453+ 15+ 87
Goods Producing Industries1,1721,1791,156- 7+ 16
Construction & Mining195198189- 3+ 7
Construction188190181- 3+ 7
Manufacturing977981967- 5+ 9
Durable Goods730736724- 6+ 7
Motor Veh. & Eqp278281278- 30
Nondurable Goods246245244+ 1+ 3
Service Producing Industries3,3683,3463,297+ 22+ 72
Trans., Comm. & Utilities177174173+ 3+ 4
Wholesale Trade233232227+ 1+ 6
Retail Trade832827818+ 5+ 15
Finance, Ins., Real Estate209210206- 1+ 2
Services1,2591,2481,216+ 12+ 44
Government658656657+ 2+ 1
* Preliminary estimates for May
** Final estimates for April
Hours and Earnings for Production Workers
Seasonally Adjusted
Average weekly earnings$745.91$734.09$747.78+ $11.82- $1.87
Average weekly hours43.342.044.1+ 1.3- 0.8
Motor Vehicle Industry
Average weekly earnings$993.30$999.26$996.70- $ 5.96- $ 3.40
Average weekly hours44.143.345.9+ 0.8- 1.8