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Michigan Jobs Commission Congratulates Flo-Wall And Customer Metal Fabrication on Building Purchase

Friday, September 04, 1998

Jim Tobin
(517) 335-4590

Project Is Expected to Result in the Creation of 75 New JobsThe Michigan Jobs Commission today congratulated Flo-Wall and Customer Metal Fabrication, Inc., on their recent purchase of three buildings formerly owned by Copper Range Company. Flo-Wall, a manufacturer of insulated panels for metal buildings, and Customer Metal Fabrication, Inc., a metal fabricator, will each fill a building, while sharing the third. The proposed project involves approximately $1.2 million in investment and is expected to result in the creation of 75 new full-time manufacturing positions. "It is great to see these buildings put to good use," said Doug Rothwell, CEO and department director of the Michigan Jobs Commission. "This project will not only benefit those residents who will fill the new jobs, but will create revenue that will revitalize the whole community." An event was held yesterday to celebrate the transfer of buildings, which was deemed in a release from Copper Range Company and Customer Metal Fabrication to be "a major milestone in the development of a new economic base for the local community of Carp Lake and Ontonagon County." "At first we didn't know if we'd even fill the buildings," said Pete Riconi, Carp Lake Township official. "It used to be that used, vacant buildings ended up being a burden on the community and local government. This is our first success. I hope it breeds more success." The project was assisted by an economic development infrastructure grant in the amount of $618,000 awarded by the Michigan Jobs Commission to Carp Lake Township in February. The grant, funded by the Michigan Renaissance Fund, was used for infrastructure improvements including a road upgrade, extension of gas service, installation of a fiber optic phone line and utility separation of steam and electrical distribution systems. The Michigan Jobs Commission, which administers the Michigan Renaissance Fund, works in partnership with local communities and Michigan businesses to retain and expand job opportunities and improve Michigan's overall business climate.