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Michigan Jobs Commission Announces Appointments of MVU Board Members

Wednesday, December 09, 1998

Jim Tobin
(517) 335-4590

  • Governor John Engler;
  • Doug Rothwell, CEO and Department Director, Michigan Jobs Commission;
  • Robert Filka, President, Michigan Strategic Fund;
  • Dr. David Spencer, President, Michigan Virtual University;
  • Jim Barrett, President & CEO, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Business & Industry representative;
  • Michael Clancy, Vice President, Libralter Plastics, Plastics Roundtable representative;
  • Robert J. Eaton, Chairman & CEO, DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Automotive Industry representative;
  • Rick Inatome, Chairman, Inacom Corporation, Governor's Designee (attends on behalf of the Governor, when Governor cannot attend);
  • Dan Kiblawi, President, Gallade Technologies, Inc., Research, Development & Engineering Roundtable representative;
  • Jac Nasser, CEO, Ford Motor Company, Automotive Industry representative;
  • Anthony S. Ryner, Microsoft Corporation, Information Technology representative;
  • John F. Smith, Jr., Chairman of the Board, General Motors Corporation, Automotive Industry representative;
  • Jeff Tuma, President, Embers, Inc., Michigan Travel Commission representative;
  • Raj Vattikuti, President & CEO, Complete Business Solutions, Inc., Information Technology Roundtable representative;
  • Dan Wiljanen, Vice President, Human Resources, Steelcase, Inc., Office Furniture Industry Council representative;
  • Dr. Lee Bollinger, President, University of Michigan;
  • Dr. Peter D. Boyse, President, Delta College, Michigan Community College Association representative;
  • Dr. David Fry, President, Northwood University, Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Michigan representative;
  • Robert LaBonte, Superintendent, Calhoun ISD, Michigan Association of School Administrators representative;
  • M. Peter McPherson, President, Michigan State University;
  • Dr. Gary Russi, President, Oakland University, President's Council State Universities of Michigan representative.
"I am excited about the quality and capability of the newly appointed MVU Board of Directors," said David Spencer, President, Michigan Virtual University. "This group of outstanding business and community leaders will accelerate the successful development of Michigan's virtual education and training initiative."