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Michigan Dominates Automotive Research and Development

Monday, November 25, 2002

Jennifer Kopp-Owens

State Home to 85 Percent of Auto R&D

Michigan is by far the national automotive research and development (R&D) leader, according to a new directory recently distributed by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.The state is home to 85 percent of all vehicle-related research and development activity with $13.5 billion spent annually and 65,000 workers employed by these companies. 

Along with a detailed listing of automotive Michigan R&D firms, the new directory is packed with valuable facts about the state’s impressive R&D presence. 

In addition to Michigan’s first place automotive R&D ranking, the directory includes data that shows the state is the national leader in: per capita R&D investment, industrial R&D intensity and R&D spending by a public university (University of Michigan).  

“R&D is the fuel for Michigan’s driving force of ingenuity,” said Doug Rothwell, president and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.“Our state’s continued position in the national spotlight relies heavily on research and development dollars invested by our businesses.”  

The new directory shows that Michigan’s businesses are spending more than $18.8 billion annually on all research and development activities. This places Michigan in second place nationally, with only California investing more. 

In addition to the valuable facts about Michigan’s R&D industry, the directory includes detailed listings of about 130 Michigan automotive R&D companies. The complete directory can be viewed in PDF format by clicking here.Copies of the report are available by contacting the MEDC at 517-373-9808.  

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