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Granholm Announces I I Stanley to Expand in Battle Creek

Monday, August 22, 2005

Michael Shore, MEDC
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Japanese Company to Create 50 New Jobs with $31.6 Million Investment

The announcement comes closely on the heels of a personal meeting in Battle Creek on July 19 between Granholm and Noriaki Ito, director, COO and president of I I Stanley Company, Inc., in which the Governor encouraged the company to expand in Michigan.

"I I Stanley's decision to grow here is another example of how our efforts to attract new investment, create jobs, and strengthen Michigan's economy are paying off," Granholm said. "In addition to reinforcing our standing as the undisputed North American center of automotive research, design, and manufacturing, this expansion signifies to the rest of the world that Michigan is the right place for international companies to grow."

"This expansion will support our goal of achieving world-class quality in our product and improve our lean manufacturing practices," I I Stanley Executive Vice President Rich Zygadlo said. "Our workforce has the ability to compete against any workforce in the world, but management needs to provide them with the tools to do so. This expansion is a vote of confidence in the capabilities of our people."

An incentive package valued at $4.2 million offered by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and the city of Battle Creek convinced the company to expand in Michigan rather than a competing site in Tennessee. The incentives include:

  • a 12-year property tax abatement from the city of Battle Creek valued at $3.2 million;
  • a state sales tax exemption valued at $390,000;
  • a state education tax credit of $437,700;
  • a state investment tax credit estimated at $106,700; and,
  • a $100,000 economic development job training grant.

Established in Battle Creek in 1985, I I Stanley's facility includes an automotive lighting plant and an electronics plant. Operations include injection molding, painting and coating, lighting assembly, and integrating electrical components into climate control systems. The company also has a sales and design office in Farmington Hills.

Along with Michigan, the Stanley Electronics Group has plants in Ohio, France, Hungary, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Customers include Toyota, Mitsubishi, GM, Saturn, Ford, Subaru, Honda, and Auto-Alliance (Mazda).

"For 20 years, I I Stanley has been an important job provider and member of the Battle Creek community," MEDC President and CEO Don Jakeway said. "Thanks to our state's top-notch workforce and business-friendly environment, I am confident the company will continue to successfully compete and create new jobs in Michigan."

In her 2005 State of the State Address, Granholm emphasized the importance of making Michigan a global economic powerhouse in the 21st century. Since January 2005, the Governor and the MEDC have announced the creation or retention of more than 58,000 jobs as a result of targeted assistance provided by the MEDC.