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Granholm Announces Funding to Help Marquette Rebuild

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Jennifer Owens

Grant Used to Counter Effects of Dead River Flood

Granholm Announces Funding to Help Marquette Rebuild
Grant Used to Counter Effects of Dead River Flood

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today announced that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is providing a $474,149 federal Community Development Block Grant to help the city of Marquette rebuild after last May’s devastating Dead River flood.

“When I toured the damaged area in the days after the flood occurred, I told the residents of the Marquette region that the state would partner with them to make the community whole,” Governor Granholm said. “I am pleased that this funding has been approved to help the Marquette community rebuild and put in place improvements to ensure that damage of this magnitude does not happen again.”

The city of Marquette will use the grant for infrastructure improvements, emergency stabilization, debris removal and replacement of a city bike path. The flooding occurred after an earthen dike burst sending an estimated nine billion gallons of water down the Dead River to Lake Superior.

“The city is pleased with the funding assistance provided by the state,” said Marquette Mayor Jerry Irby. “This is particularly welcome in light of the funding challenges we face as well as the flood emergency we experienced this past spring. The MEDC has consistently shown itself to be an important partner with the city for economic development and public infrastructure support projects.”

“We’re very pleased with all of the assistance that the Governor's office has provided Marquette, especially in view of the federal government’s failure to respond to the crisis,” said State Representative Steve Adamini. “It’s nice to know we have friends in Lansing.”

“Governor Granholm pledged her support to the Marquette region to help repair the damage caused by the flood, and she delivered,” said State Senator Michael Prusi. “Given the state’s extremely tight budget, we are grateful for any help that Lansing can provide. We also appreciated the technical assistance that the Department of Transportation and Michigan State Police provided in the immediate aftermath of the flood. The state’s response has been tremendous, and the partnership that the administration extended to local governments made a great difference.”

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation administers the Michigan Community Development Block Grant program, a federal program involving funds received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. These funds are used to provide grants to eligible counties, cities, villages and townships with populations usually less than 50,000 for economic development, community development and housing projects.

Each year, Michigan receives approximately $50 million in federal block grant funds. About 150 CDBG projects are funded throughout the state. There are 1,655 local governments eligible to apply for these funds.

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