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Governor: Michigan Talent Bank Now Largest in the Nation 72,655 Resumes On-Line Today, 400,000 Expected by Summer

Monday, March 02, 1998

Jim Tobin
(517) 335-4590

On the one month anniversary of the state's new employment service system, Governor John Engler announced that the numbers of workers and employers using Michigan's new job matching Internet service are exploding. The state is adding more than 3,000 resumes a day to its Web site, making it the largest Internet-based public resume system in the nation. "It is impressive to see so many people taking advantage of this new technology and being willing to lead the way as we move to this innovative process," Engler said. "We expect to have 400,000 resumes in the system by summer, making it a very valuable resource to employers looking for workers in this era of low unemployment." On February 2, the Michigan Jobs Commission and local Michigan Works! agencies officially began using Michigan's Talent Bank and Job Bank, two Internet sites, as a way to match workers with jobs. "In one month, we have added 46,647 Michigan resumes to the Talent Bank," Engler said, "giving us a total of 72,655 Michigan workers now listed. In that same month, we also registered 592 new employers in the Job Bank, posting 2,940 new job openings. The Internet gives our people a whole world of resources, and today -- as the global marketplace becomes the only marketplace -- is the most efficient method for matching job seekers and job providers." Doug Rothwell, CEO and Department Director of the Jobs Commission, said utilizing the Internet to help fill positions is a more efficient way to match job seekers and employers. "In just the first month, we already have nearly as many job orders on our new system as we added to the old system each month. Employers are excited about the new system, about having 24-hour access and about being able to get right to resumes of people without having to call someone during regular business hours," Rothwell said. Rothwell also complimented the staff of the Employment Service Agency and Michigan Works for making the transition so seamless. "Rarely can anyone make a massive transition like this, to a whole new computer system, and have it be almost completely flawless. The staff should really be commended. I think they have done a magnificent job of working out the kinks and making this new system work," he said. The system is free to employers and job seekers and is located at http://michworks.org. Employers are verified within 72 hours before being given full access to resumes. People needing assistance finding work can call their local Michigan Works! Service Center at (800) 285-WORKS.