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Governor Granholm Praises Michigan Strategic Fund Decision to Stop Subsidizing Landfills

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Michael Shore, MEDC
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Renews Call to Limit Landfill Expansion to Meet Our Needs

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today applauded a policy change by the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) that ends tax-free bonding assistance for the development of landfills and ensures the state isn't subsidizing the importation of out-of-state waste. The policy change, which the Governor requested earlier this year, will continue the use of Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (IDRB) for job creation efforts and now puts greater focus on projects to safeguard Michigan's environment.

"The state shouldn't be in the dirty business of subsidizing out-of-state waste," said Granholm. "Our bonding authority is better spent to strengthen our manufacturing base, encourage recycling, increase access to higher education and provide affordable housing."

The board's policy shift is consistent with the Administration's Comprehensive Strategy for Solid Waste first outlined in February. Its stated goal is to improve Michigan's recycling programs, ensure landfill capacities remain adequate, and keep Michigan's environment clean and healthy and a great place to live, work and play.