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Governor Engler Appoints Steering Committee for Life Sciences

Tuesday, February 01, 2000

John Truscott
(517) 335-6397

  • Doug Rothwell, President and CEO, Michigan Economic Development Corp.
  • Peter McPherson, President, Michigan State University
  • Lee Bollinger, President, University of Michigan
  • Irvin D. Reid, President, Wayne State University
  • David Van Andel, Chairman and CEO, Van Andel Institute
  • Peter Corr, President, Pharmaceutical R&D, Parke-Davis
  • Donna Banks, Senior. Vice President of Global Innovations, Kellogg Co.
  • Don Parfet, Senior. Vice President, Associated Business, Pharmacia & Upjohn
  • William Stavropoulos, President and CEO, Dow Chemical Company
  • Michael Jandernoa, Chairman and CEO, Perrigo
  • Lita Nelsen, Director, Technology Licensing Office, MIT
  • John Brown, President and CEO, Stryker
  • Roger Newton, President and CEO, Esperion Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Mary Campbell, General Partner, Enterprise Development Fund