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Governor Congratulates Heidtman Steel on Decision to Locate Headquarters in Monroe County

Friday, October 16, 1998

John Truscott
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Project to create 118 new jobs for Monroe areaGovernor John Engler attended an event at Heidtman Steel in Monroe County today, during which he congratulated Heidtman Steel (Centaur, Inc.) officials on their decision to locate the company's new headquarters in Bedford Township."We are lucky to have this project in Michigan, because the simple truth is that this company could have just as easily located in Indiana or Ohio, where they have other facilities," said Engler. "But the company chose to consolidate its headquarters in Michigan, and I would like to be one of the first to congratulate them on their decision to locate and expand right here in Monroe County."On Wednesday, the company accepted a proposal from the state that will create 185 new jobs, 118 of them created directly by the company in Bedford Township. Under the agreement, the company expects to invest approximately $3 million to construct a new headquarters facilityin Bedford Township. The new facility will serve as the headquarters for Centaur's operating companies: Heidtman Steel Products, Inc., HS Processing, L.P., and Mizar Motor, Inc. Bedford Township was in competition with several sites in Indiana and Ohio for the project.Centaur's investment will also generate an estimated additional 67 jobs in the state, primarily from increased purchases from Michigan suppliers and spending by people who receive income from the jobs at Centaur, according to an economic analysis done by the University of Michigan.Engler announced the approval of a tax credit for Centaur, Inc. worth an estimated $496,000, which was approved Wednesday by the Michigan Economic Growth Authority."We are pleased to announce our decision to locate our new headquarters in a suburban setting in Bedford, Township, near several of our manufacturing facilities," said John Bates, President of Heidtman Steel. "This project will make our companies more efficient and better able to serve our customers in the next century."The Centaur project will provide more than $4.5 million in revenue to the state over the life of the agreement, resulting in a net positive gain to the state of $4 million after the MEGA credit. The project is expected to generate over $57 million in personal income.Centaur officials announced their plans during today's event with Governor Engler. In attendance were several local officials, including Township Supervisor Lamar Frederick and Representative Beverly Hammerstrom (R-Temperance).

  • Direct 118
  • Indirect 67

    • Revenue Forgone $ 496,000
  • Revenue Gain $ 4,584,000
  • Average Wage $ 828/week

  • Personal Income Generated Over Life of MEGA Agreement $57,304,000