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Governor Announces Job Training Grants Now Available to Construction Workers

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

John Truscott

On the heels of yesterday's announcement of his 14-point "Gold Collar Jobs Agenda" to prepare workers for high-skill, high-wage, high-demand workers, Governor John Engler today announced that the Economic Development Job Training (EDJT) Program will be open to construction worker training in fiscal year 1999. "With countless construction projects being planned, we need to make sure Michigan's construction workforce is skilled and trained," Engler said. "By including these workers in the program, employers can be sure they are ready to handle the upcoming projects." Expanding the program will help ensure that Michigan workers receive training necessary to keep up in the increasingly high-tech construction industry. "Michigan has succeeded in helping companies create new jobs for our residents," Engler said. "With our 14-point Gold Collar Jobs Agenda, and now this training, we can have good jobs for residents and residents for good jobs." In addition to making the training program available, the Michigan Jobs Commission will offer the construction industry the chance to become the state's eleventh industry roundtable. The roundtables are forums in which companies within the same industry come together to discuss solutions to common problems, like training and attracting workers. Finally, the Michigan Jobs Commission will also look for ways to better involve construction trades in the state's career preparation system, so that more people understand the career options available in the field. The EDJT program, administered by the Michigan Jobs Commission, helps Michigan businesses improve the skill of their workforces. EDJT grants are given to local school entities, such as community colleges or vocational centers, to train new and existing employees of companies that request and are awarded the grants.