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Governor Announces Funding for Career Scholarships More than 12,500 Students Statewide to Benefit

Thursday, June 25, 1998

John Truscott
(517) 335-6397

Governor John Engler announced today at Lansing Community College the allocation of funding for over 12,500 new scholarships. All areas of the state will benefit from the new scholarships, which are a centerpiece of Engler's 14-point Gold Collar Jobs Agenda. The money was awarded to community colleges and training providers and will help provide more than 12,576 scholarships to students across the state. "I would dare to say that this is one of the best programs that the state has ever offered," said Governor Engler. "When I announced the Career Scholarship program back in February of this year, we estimated that we would be able to help approximately 10,000 students. However we have exceeded our expectations, and today I am able to announce that 12,576 students statewide will be able to receive scholarships. That's 25% more than we anticipated, and great news for both students and employers." In February of this year, to address the need for additional training for Michigan workers, Governor John Engler introduced a plan that earmarked $50 million to address the situation. Part of the Governor's plan includes $30 million to help build up to five technical training centers at community colleges across the state. The remaining $20 million of the Governor's plan was allocated for the Governor's Career Scholarships. The Governor's Career Scholarship program will help train 6,435 full-time students and 6,141 part-time students. Of the 12,576 scholarships approximately 41% of students will be trained in manufacturing fields, approximately 14% will receive training in the health care profession, and 35% will receive training in information technology. "From fields in information technology to manufacturing, students will be able to use these scholarships to get the skills they need to fill the high-skill, high-wage, high-demand, Gold-Collar jobs available to them in Michigan," said Engler. "For both the part-time student learning new skills at night while working days, to the full-time student furthering their education, this new training will mean increased job opportunities." The $20 million allocations were approved earlier in the day by the Michigan Renaissance Fund Board. Scholarships will be available to students for classes beginning this fall. To apply for career scholarships, students should contact their local community college or call their local Michigan Works! office at 1-800-285-WORKS.