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Energy experts to gather at Radisson Hotel in Lansing November 7(2)

Monday, November 07, 2011

Michael Shore

LANSING – Energyefficiency experts from a wide range of organizations will gather at the Energy Services Coalition – Michigan Chapter Inaugural Event taking place on November 7 at the Radisson Hotel in Lansing.  

Co-hosted by the Michigan Energy Office and other Chapter members, the luncheon event will include speaker Valerie Brader, Chief Energy Policy Officer for the State of Michigan, on the topic of leveraging all resources for a bright energy future.  

At the event, awards will be given to a cross-section of statewide entities, ranging from K-12 schools to colleges, counties and state government for their commitment to energy efficiency and performance contracting across Michigan.  

“Energy savings performance contracting enables building owners to use future energy savings to pay for upfront costs of energy-saving projects, eliminating the need to tap into capital budgets,” Brader said.  

The event will conclude with a panel of the award winners discussing the benefits and their experiences with energy savings performance contracting.  

The Energy Services Coalition (ESC) is a national nonprofit organization composed of a network of experts from a wide range of organizations working together at the state and local level to increase energy efficiency and building upgrades through energy savings performance contracting.   

The Michigan ESC Chapter is dedicated to providing an outreach program that provides information and education on performance contracting to the target audience within the state.  

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