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City of Blissfield Wins Manufacturing Project

Thursday, September 17, 1998

John Truscott
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Local Labor Force to Gain 340 New, Direct JobsGovernor John Engler announced today that L & W, Inc., accepted a proposal from the state that will help create 662 new jobs in the Blissfield area; 340 jobs will be created directly by the company. Under the terms of today's agreement, L & W, Inc., which is a Tier-1 supplier of automotive metal stampings and welded assemblies to the Big Three, will invest approximately $50 million over a five year period to build a new manufacturing facility in Blissfield. The company had begun the permit process for building a new facility in Delta, Ohio, near Toledo, when originally visited by a Michigan Jobs Commission account manager. "This is a project that was gone; the company had decided to build in Ohio and in fact they had begun the permit process for building a new facility," said Governor Engler. "Fortunately, a Michigan Jobs Commission account manager convinced the company to reconsider Michigan for their new facility. It is because of the work of those Jobs Commission representatives and the local community that we are able to announce this project in Michigan today instead of watching 662 jobs go across the border to Ohio. " L & W, Inc., will create up to 340 new jobs in Blissfield because of the new facility. Its investment also will generate an estimated 322 additional jobs in the state, primarily from increased purchases from Michigan suppliers and spending by people who receive income from the jobs at L & W, Inc., according to an economic analysis done by the University of Michigan. Engler also announced the approval of a tax credit for L & W, Inc,. worth an estimated $3.1 million voted on by the Michigan Economic Growth Authority at today's board meeting. The approval of the tax credit closed the financial advantage held by competitor state Ohio. "The project approved at today's MEGA board meeting is exactly why we created the MEGA program back in 1995-to keep jobs, and companies, in Michigan." Engler said. L & W officials commented they were happy with the decision to approve the application for a MEGA grant by the State of Michigan and that both local and state representatives were instrumental in changing this to a Michigan-based plant. The L & W project will provide nearly $28.4 million in revenue to the state over the life of the agreement, resulting in a net positive gain to the state of $25.3 million after the MEGA credit. The project is expected to generate more than $355 million in personal income. L & W officials accepted the credit today and announced that they expect the first phase of the new facility to be completed by December 31, 1999.

L & W, Inc.
(All estimates in 1998 dollars)
    • Direct 340
    • Indirect 322 
    • Revenue Forgone $ 3,113,000
    • Revenue Gain $28,450,000
    • Average Wage $ 410/week 
  • Personal Income Generated Over Life of MEGA Agreement $355,620,000