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100,000 Resumes Michigan's Talent Bank Continues to be Largest in the Nation

Friday, March 27, 1998

Jim Tobin
(517) 335-4590

Governor John Engler announced today that after only six weeks, the state's new employment computer service system -- Michigan's Talent Bank -- now has over 100,000 resumes listed. "Today's numbers are more than we expected, especially after only six weeks of using the new system," said Governor Engler. "What makes these numbers even better is that the response from users has been overwhelmingly positive." On February 2, the Michigan Jobs Commission and local Michigan Works! agencies officially began using Michigan's Talent Bank and Job Bank, two Internet sites, as a way to match workers with jobs. "To come this far in six weeks is very encouraging," said Doug Rothwell, CEO and department director of the Michigan Jobs Commission. "It's apparent that this system is well on its way to helping thousands of Michigan residents find work." Now that the new system is in place, local Michigan Works! agencies are getting feedback from clients who have used the new Internet system. The Lansing Tri-County Michigan Works! agency recently conducted a survey of 200 people who have used the new computer system. It found that 99% of those surveyed thought the staff was courteous and helpful. Overall, 95% of the people surveyed were satisfied with their visit to the Michigan Works! agency. The survey also tracked the services that were provided to customers and found that 93% were registering for work, 6% were employers posting job openings, 24% received training and assistance on computers, 5% received referral information, 17% searched for jobs in Michigan's Job Bank and 25% reactivated or updated their resumes. "The initial response from people is that they like the new system and that the services are meeting peoples needs," said Rothwell. "This is exactly what we expected to hear from people after they tried the new system. Change is not always easy, and in the case of Michigan's Talent Bank some people were skeptical, but after trying the new system people like it." The new system is free to employers and job seekers and is located at http://michworks.org. Employers are verified within 72 hours before being given full access to resumes. People needing assistance finding work can call their local Michigan Works Service Center at (800) 285-WORKS.