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Next-Gen Auto and Tech Innovation Initiative

Summit Overview

Next-Gen Auto and Tech Innovation Initiative

PMBC has recently collaborated with a number of global automotive OEMs and Tier One's that are looking to companies in Michigan to find the innovative products, services, and ideas that will drive the next generation of automobiles. This application is not for a particular event, but rather, is an ongoing matchmaking initiative PMBC will be running over the Spring and Summer months. PMBC will be using the information collected through this application to not only respond to demand, but also promote innovative Michigan companies worldwide.

Applications will be sent along to the OEMs and Tier One's partners and will be fully reviewed by them. If there is mutual interest, the automotive companies will either reach out on their own or through PMBC.

Please note that you do not need to be a current supplier to the automotive industry; in many cases, companies that are new to the industry can provide unique and disruptive products and services.  You are strongly encouraged to list all industry and diverse business certifications in their associated questions, as in some cases, those are necessary criteria for potential selection by the automotive companies.The information you enter into the application will not be altered before it is passed along, so please be sure all of your company information is correct, and your application is free of typos. If you have any questions, please contact Colin Dillon dillonc1@michigan.org.

Summit Details

8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Detroit, MI TBD