September 13, 2023 FROM 02:30 PM TO 03:00 PM

Detroit, MI - US

The Michigan Electrification Landscape: Technology Innovation and the Future of Mobility

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Discover the latest breakthroughs, emerging trends and collaborative efforts propelling the EV revolution forward.


AutoMobili-D stage Detroit, MI - US

From advancements in battery technology and charging infrastructure to the evolution of mobility ecosystems, gain valuable insights into the electrified future that's driving us toward a cleaner and more connected world.


  • Moderator: Justine Johnson, Chief Mobility Officer, State of Michigan
  • Stefan Tongur, VP, Electreon
  • Deeana Ahmed, Chief Strategy Officer, Our Next Energy - ONE
  • Natalie King, CEO, Dunamis Charge & Dunamis Clean Energy
  • Pina Bennett, Director, Electric Marketing, DTE Energy

The Michigan Electrification Landscape panel is part of Detroit Auto Show 2023