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Core Industries

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Michigan’s advanced manufacturing capabilities are innovating the materials and systems that are revolutionizing industries, including aerospace, automotive/mobility, and carbon fiber-composite materials.


    Nearly 700 aerospace-related companies call Michigan home thanks to materials research facilities, major tooling companies and nationally ranked engineering universities. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed; PricewaterhouseCoopers recognizes Michigan as a top state for aerospace manufacturing attractiveness.


    Michigan is the epicenter of the global automotive industry. And we are revolutionizing the way the world moves again — transforming global mobility — by leading connected autonomous vehicle development with Mcity, the American Center for Mobility and Planet M.

    Carbon Fiber/Composite Materials

    Michigan is leading carbon fiber and lightweight composite materials manufacturing through research facilities such as the Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow  and the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation.


    Agribusiness is Michigan’s second largest industry, and second in diversity only to California. From ranking first in milk production to becoming the home of Grey Poupon mustard, Michigan offers innovative manufacturing capabilities and top agribusiness research and university programs, including the nation’s first land grant university Michigan State University.


    Today, cybersecurity is one of the foremost issues that affect industries. Michigan’s Cyber Initiative,  the world’s first comprehensive state-level approach to cyber, is improving the state’s defenses while fostering rapidly growing cyber talent and business environments. Michigan’s Cyber Range offers a secure, unclassified environment to conduct ethical hacking and penetration testing.


    Seventy percent of everything a soldier shoots, drivers, flies, wears, eats or communicates with was contracted in Michigan. The Michigan Defense Center is leading the state’s Protect and Grow Initiative, a comprehensive statewide effort to protect Michigan’s federal and state military facilities and missions while growing assets, missions and federal contract opportunities.


    Information Technology

    Think Silicon Valley is the nation’s technology hotbed? Anderson Economic Group, on behalf of Automation Alley, found that in 2016 more Michigan tech executives expect to make new hires, increase company revenue and invest in R&D than their Silicon Valley counterparts. Leading this trend are Michigan’s technology clusters — SmartZones — that synergize the assets of technology-based firms, entrepreneurs and researchers to help commercialize emerging IT technologies.