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Automotive Industry Office

  • Michigan produces more cars and trucks than any other state. It’s number one in employment of industrial and mechanical engineers and is home to the headquarters of 61 of the top 100 automotive suppliers. Additionally, Michigan has a premier automotive education program.

    Mission of the Office

    A Mandate from the Governor of the State of Michigan

    “To implement and execute a comprehensive strategic plan to drive Michigan’s automotive industry forward to remain as the global center of the automotive industry and to foster sustainable growth within the industry in Michigan.”

    30 yr. Strategic Vision

    Auto Strategic Plan Cover

    Download this 16 page summary: State of Michigan Automotive Strategic Plan

    Strategy Update

    Michigan Automotive Sector Strategy Update - Presented April 8, 2014 by Nigel Francis, during the 2014 SAE Wold Congress at Cobo Center in Detroit.

    Auto Sector Strategy Update Cover

    PDF version of Strategy Update presented April 8, 2014

  • Testimony to Joint Committee

    Testimony of Nigel Francis to Joint House and Senate Committee, January 2014