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  • A-F

    AcronymFull NameDescription
    AGAttorney General
    ALMMIIAmerican Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute
    ARRAAmerican Reinvestment and Recovery Act
    AYAppropriation YearAccounting term
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    BDPBusiness Development Program
    BIDCOBusiness & Industrial Development Corporation
    BRACBase Realignment and Closure
    BWPBureau of Workforce Programs
    BWTBureau of Workforce Transformation
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    CAPCapital Access Program
    CARCenter for Automotive Research
    CATCommunity Assistance Team
    CBOCommunity Based Organization
    CCCommunity College
    CCFCore Communities Fund
    CDCommunity Development
    CDBGCommunity Development Block GrantUS Dept. of Housing & Urban Dev. program servicing most communities w/ under 50,000 population.
    CECRCareer Education Consumer Report
    CFDACatalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
    CFRCode of Federal Regulations
    CLEGCouncil for Labor & Economic Growth
    CMRPCenter for Michigan Renaissance Program
    COEECenter of Energy Excellence
    CRPCommunity Revitalization Program
    CYCalendar Year
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    DCCCDefense Contracts Coordination Center
    DCDSData Collection and Distribution System
    DDADowntown Development Authority
    DELEGMichigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth
    DVOPDisabled Veterans Outreach Program
    DWDislocated Worker
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    ECAREnergy Conservation Apprenticeship Readiness
    EDFEnterprise Development Fund
    EDJTEconomic Development Job Training
    EEOEqual Employment Opportunity
    EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
    ELSREscanaba & Lake Superior Railroad
    EOExecutive OrderAn executive order issued by the Governor of the state and has the effect of law until it is rescinded.
    ESAEmployment Services AdministrationU.S. Deptartment of Labor
    ESLEnglish as a Second Language
    ESOPEmployee Stock Option Programs
    ETAEmployment and Training Administration
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    FAE&TFood Assistance Employment and Training
    FARFederal Acquisition Regulation
    FASBFederal Accounting Standards Board
    FRFederal Reporting (also “Federal Register”)
    FTEFull-time Equated Positions
    FYFiscal Year   
    FYEFiscal Year Ended (or Ending)


    AcronymFull NameDescription
    GAAPGenrally Accepted Accounting Principles
    GANGrant Action Notice
    GASBGovernmental Accounting Standard Board
    GBDGlobal Business Development
    GEAR-UPGaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Program
    GEDGeneral Equivalency Diploma
    GF/GPGeneral Funds/General Purpose
    GPGreat PlainsMEDC corporate accounting software
    GRSAGreen Regional Skills Alliance
    GSSAGreen Sector Skills Alliance
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    HHSHealth and Human Services
    HRMNHuman Resources Management NetworkState employee HR database
    HUDDept. of Housing & Urban DevelopmentFederal government program
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    IAInteragency Agreement
    IACMIInstitute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation
    IDISIntegrated Disbursement & Information SystemFederal cash draw system
    IDRBIndustrial Development Revenue Bond
    IEPIndividual Employment Plan
    ISDIntermediate School District
    ISSIndividual Service Strategy
    ITInformation Technology
    ITAIndividual Training Account
    IWIncumbent Worker
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    JCSJob Creation ServicesThe line item in the annual state appropriation act that funds the bulk of the business related programs within the MEDC
    JETJobs, Education, and Training
    JTPAJob Training Partnership Act (predecessor to WIA)
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    K-C-PKing-Chavez-Parks Initiative
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    LLLLife-Long Learning Division
    LSLife Sciences
    LSFLife Sciences Fund
    LTDLong Term Disability
    LVERLocal Veteran’s Employment Representative
    LWIBLocal Workforce Investment Board


    AcronymFull NameDescription
    MAINMichigan Administration Information NetworkState of Michigan accounting system
    MBDMichigan Business Development
    MBDPMichigan Business Development Program
    MCRPMichigan Community Revitalization Program
    MDEQMichigan Dept. of Environmental Quality
    MDNRMichigan Dept. of Natural Resources
    MDOTMichigan Dept. of Transportation
    MEDAMichigan Economic Developers Association
    MEDCMichigan Economic Development Corporation
    MEDFMichigan Economic Development Foundation
    MEGAMichigan Economic Growth Authority
    MENSMeeting Employer Needs Division
    MIDBManagement Information DatabaseState of Michigan accounting database - part of MAIN
    MiRSAMichigan Regional Skills Alliance
    MISManagement Information System
    MiSAMichigan Skills Alliance
    MMTCMichigan Manufacturing Technology Center
    MOUMemorandum of Understanding
    MPPMichigan Promotion ProgramA state appropriated program that markets Michigan as a tourism destination
    MSFMichigan Strategic Fund
    MSFWMigrant and Seasonal Farm Worker
    MSHDAMichigan State Housing Development Authority
    MWAMichigan Works! Agency
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement
    NCMSNational Center for Manufacturing Sciences
    NCRCNational Career Readiness Certificate
    NEGNational Emergency Grant
    NEICNorthern Economic Initiative Corporation
    NISTNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyThe federal granting authority for MMTC
    NMSDCNational Minority Supplier Development CouncilBusiness consortium fund
    NOINotice of Intent to PurchaseAn internal MEDC form used by the business units to collect approvals for spending on one form and used to initiate a financial commitment after approvals are finalized.
    NOONotice Of Obligation
    NWLBNo Worker Left Behind
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    OAFCOffice of Audit & Financial Compliance
    OAGOffice of the Auditor General
    OESEOffice of Elementary and Secondary Education
    OFMOffice of Financial Management
    OJTOn the Job Training
    OMBOffice of Management and Budget
    OPSEOffice of Postsecondary Education
    OSERSOffice of Special Educational Rehabilitation Services
    OVAEOffice of Vocational and Adult Education
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    PerkinsCarl D. Perkins Vocational & Technical Education Act
    PIPolicy Issuance
    PMIGParticipant Management Information Guide
    PMSPayment Management System
    PTACProcurement Technical Assistance Center
    PYProgram Year
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    QCRQuality Control Review
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    RMDSReport Management Distribution SystemReporting module of MAIN
    RRRapid Response
    RSAResource Sharing Agreement


    AcronymFull NameDescription
    SBASmall Business AdministrationFederal Agency
    SBDCSmall Business Development Center
    SBOState Budget OfficeThe Executive Branch office responsible for preparing and lobbying for the Governor's annual budget agenda.
    SDAService Delivery Areaaka: an MWA
    SEICStrategic Economic Investment and Commercialization
    SMESubject Matter Expert
    SMESmall to Medium Enterprise
    SOMCAFRState of Michigan Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
    SSSupportive Services
    STDShort Term Disability
    SWAStatewide Activities
    SYSpending Year
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    TAATrade Adjustment Assistance
    TAGTechnical Assistance Guide
    TANFTemporary Assistance for Needy Families
    TEGLTraining and Employment Guidance Letter (DOL-ETA)
    TENTraining and Employment Notice (DOL-ETA)
    TMTravel MichiganState of Michigan tourism industry office located within the MEDC
    TTCTechnology Tri-Corridor
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    UI or UIAUnemployment Insurance Agency
    ULAUrban Land Assembly Fund
    UMTRIUniversity of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
    USDAUS Department of Agriculture
    USDOLUS Department of Labor
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    VRVocational Rehabilitation
    AcronymFull NameDescription
    WARNWorker Adjustment and Retraining Notification
    WDBWorkforce Development Board
    WFWork First
    WIAWorkforce Investment Act
    WRWelfare Reform