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Adventures in capital investments

Michigan’s impressive rate of venture capital growth documented in MVCA’s report

There’s growing confidence in Michigan’s entrepreneurial and investment community

And that optimism is reflected in the figures from the 2016 Michigan Venture Capital Association Annual Research Report, released April 11.

In 2016, MVCA reports Michigan’s venture capital investment community had $4 billion in capital under management and invested $222 million.

“Michigan’s venture investors are a crucial piece of almost every early-stage deal done in the state, making them a critical funding source for 141 venture-backed companies in Michigan and launching the high-growth, high-potential businesses that will keep Michigan’s economy moving forward,” said MVCA Executive Director Maureen Miller Brosnan.

In the last three years, the number of venture capital firms have remained steady (25), while the total capital under management has increased nearly 30 percent ($2.5 billion), and average fund size has grown by 24 percent ($50 million).

“Michigan sits at the crossroads of automotive ingenuity and the spirit of entrepreneurism, and this year’s research lays the baseline for future measurement in this exciting, emerging area of expertise,” she said.

Inarguably, the state is recognized as the global automotive capital. But another reputation is emerging as the home to up-and-coming start-up companies.

Because of the timely combination of strategic economic development decisions by the state and in-state assets (top-tier universities and engineering pool), Michigan is building an investor-friendly community, inspired by its entrepreneurial zeal and innovation legacy.

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