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Growth Industries

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Michigan has more engineers per capita than any other state. The state’s numerous R&D centers provide engineering, design and research support for several industries, including automation, materials, defense and manufacturing systems. 


    Michigan is home to more than 600 aerospace-related companies. Carbon fiber companies, major tooling and engineering software providers, and major universities offer resources to fuel the industry. Top ranked aerospace engineering programs at the University of Michigan and Lawrence Technological University provide a talented workforce and access to millions spent annually on research to support this booming industry.


    Michigan is second only to California in terms of agricultural diversity and produces over 300 commodities, which generate nearly $100 billion annually. Numerous support resources are available, including several Michigan State University experimental stations and the Global Food Protection Institute.

    Automotive Industry

    Michigan produces more cars and trucks than any other state. It’s number one in employment of industrial and mechanical engineers and is home to the headquarters of 63 of the top 100 automotive suppliers. Additionally, Michigan has a premier automotive education program.

    Additional automotive strategy information is available from our Automotive Industry Office 


    To assist this growing sector, the Michigan Defense Center and Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) are important resources for Michigan's defense industrial base. The Michigan Defense Center and PTACs work together, matching the capabilities of Michigan entrepreneurs, companies and researchers with federal contract opportunities.

    Information Technology

    The number of high-tech startups in Michigan is booming, encouraged by the state’s network of SmartZones, which incubates the growth of technology-based businesses and jobs. They direct resources to commercializing ideas, patents and other opportunities. Accelerators like NextEnergy and Wayne State University-based Techtown bridge startups from incubation to commercialization. Michigan is the unrivaled epicenter for R&D activity, testing prototyping and manufacturing for all aspects of connected vehicles and intelligent transportation systems.

    2016 North American International Cyber Summit

    Logistics and Supply Chain

    Michigan is an ideal location for logistics. It is home to the busiest border crossing in North America, is a center link of the NAFTA corridor and is one of the largest U.S. air hubs to Asia. Along with a foreign trade zone in Lansing, companies are able to reduce their logistics and import expenses, while competing in a global economy. Additionally, several educational institutions specialize in logistics and are providing a highly qualified workforce in this sector, including Michigan State University’s top-rated Logistics Undergraduate Program.

    For more news, information, and trends that affect the Michigan logistics and supply network, please “Follow” the ongoing postings at our Showcase Page on LinkedIn.

    Medical Devices

    Retooled from the well-established auto industry, Michigan has a sophisticated design and advanced engineering supply chain for the medical devices industry. This network is well connected and highly efficient at moving products through the development and engineering process. The state offers low operating costs, low taxes and access to an experienced workforce. For early-stage companies, there is also the Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund and a venture capital match. For established companies looking to expand, the Business Development Program and additional loan programs are available.

    Water Technology

    Michigan is surrounded by over 9,679 miles of freshwater shoreline and borders four of the five Great Lakes. The state has a strong infrastructure to address the science, technology and manufacturing needs for responding to freshwater challenges and solutions, including over 450 water-related technology and service companies and world-class research institutions.